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Utility Reference Platform (URP)

In collaboration with Semtech, Oxit’s smart utilities team is the catalyst and facilitator for intelligent energy initiatives

Oxit and Semtech’s partnership centers around the series of intelligent energy initiatives where Oxit provides the expertise of its Smart Utilities team, and Semtech supports these initiatives using its low power wide area network (LPWAN) solutions.

About the URP

The URP module is designed for utility companies to place into their devices to leverage the power of LoRaWAN into their solutions. The benefits behind low power wide area network (LPWAN) utility companies can look forward to include: flexible deployment options, security, energy efficiency and much more. Using the LPWAN connectivity, the URP module is able to collect data quickly, without interruption. The URP module enables communication securely to its devices. This allows flexibility in the solution use utility companies choose to employ.

Ease of integration
Enables safety
Energy efficient
Empower flexibility in solution use

Selecting the right IoT Technology

Often, it can be difficult for people to know what type of technology is needed to solve the problem they are facing. With the versatility the URP module offers, find comfort in knowing the unique design is intentional to be compatible with the current module interfaces your device holds.


Have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is being protected by the URP module, which is using an Advanced Metering Interface (AMI) to provide ultimate control and optimal use for your device.


The benefits of migrating to LoRaWAN with the URP module are also financial, as LoRaWAN delivers a quantifiable ROI by increasing a faster adoption rate of digital services.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Smart Gas Meter
  • Smart Valve Shutoff
  • Methane Detection
  • Flood Detection
  • Autonomous Smart Valve Shutoff (Local Connectivity)

Use Case Examples

The GasMarshall system improves overall safety standards by utilizing a sensor to detect a gas leak preventing explosions occurring in homes and apartment buildings. Visual and audio indications of alarm and device health ensure total reliability

The WaterCop solution is designed for metering water supply lines, specifically in control and conditioned watering for homes and commercial buildings. The system detects anomalies and controls the outflow of water when a leak is detected.

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    Instinctive Design

    As complex as IoT service solutions may be, Oxit makes sure that the end-user can confidently use it as intended. To this end, every design has built in adaptability and scalability without the possibility of compromising security.

    Dogwood Goodes Testimonial

    " Oxit is a first class professional Engineering Consulting Firm. They have an exceptional group of Engineers that are very reliable and go the extra mile to satisfy. I would highly recommend them. "
    Donovan Goode
    Dogwood Goodes

    Peter A. O’Connor

    With engineering skills that strapped the line from technical to creative, Peter has demonstrated a strong ability to design and execute consumer and industrial IoT product development with an especial focus on efficient function, and the highest possible user experiences.

    Symmons Testimonial

    " Oxit has brought tremendous value to our new IoT Water Management business at Symmons Industries. From the concept stage to the production, launch and now revenue stage. Oxit has helped design our software/IoT Hardware platform on AWS from the ground up. "
    Anthony Cipolla
    Engineering Manager of Symmons

    110 Fitness Testimonial

    " Oxit is an amazing tool for us. We had no idea we would be able to do this, their commitment to our time frame and their commitment to our cost was on target. They were open and honest right out of the gates. Oxit is very different from other engineering companies. "
    Brett Miller

    inVue Testimonial

    " Having a robust Over the Air Update capability is essential to our ongoing success. Collaborating with Oxit, we have implemented this capability across our complete line of LoRaWAN InVue LIVE sensors to ensure they are always up to date and ready to receive future planned enhancements. "
    Kyle D Baker
    VP Merchandise Display and Device Management

    Ooler Testimonial

    " Ooler feels and operates like the flagship product it represents. A high-quality, high-performance sleep technology product, Ooler is an innovation that’s unrivalled in its product class, and comes highly recommended. "
    Jeff Mann

    Regent Commercial Real Estate Testimonial

    " Josh and the team at Oxit build long term relationships with their clients by exceeding expectations and delivering value. I recommend that you reach out to Oxit today! "
    Brian Smith
    Regent Commercial Real Estate

    Lora Alliance Testimonial

    " It is great to see solutions from LoRa Alliance® members like Oxit taking advantage of LoRaWAN’s flexibility and ease-of-installation to meet customers' needs. This is a strong example of using the technology to provide multiple insights related to water systems, from monitoring temperature, to managing water system structure and performance, and seeing the efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings that result. "
    Donna Moore
    CEO and Chairwoman

    Sara C. Melo

    With an eye for enhancing user experience and improving client value, Sara manages project teams while engaging in the hands-on design and development of IoT products. She brings enthusiasm, bilingual communication, and strong drive for excellence to the Oxit team.

    Ashley E. Pope

    With a passion for learning and overcoming the impossible, Ashley brings a sense of entrepreneurialism to Oxit from a self-taught background of intuitive resourcefulness and various industry applications. Ashley’s ability to oversee the growth and profitability for the success of Oxit, is what revolutionizes the way she is able to do business and enhance the Oxit difference.

    CNI Guard Testimonial

    “ It is a pleasure to work with the Oxit team. It is a privelige to work with a team whose objectives are fully aligned with the partner objectives and they are every bit eager to make the project succeed as we are. We would strongly recommend Oxit team to a colleague or a friend. ”
    Jay Avanessian
    CNI Guard

    DynaGen Testimonial

    “ A very competent and flexible partner. Highly recommend for challenging IoT projects! ”
    Paul Wareham


    73% of the world’s mobile operating systems run Android. Our mobile app team leverages years of experience to utilize Android’s native and Cross platform React features to provide the best user experience possible. The Oxit team immerses ourselves in the customer experience to create unparalleled design for apps ranging from social and video, to IoT and crypto. Personal assistants and connected devices go hand in hand. If “OK Google, do ……” is the feature you need, we can help.

    GoodRoads Testimonials

    “ They’re phenomenal at hardware development. They integrate into your team very well. They’re super responsive and great at communication. ”
    Chris Sunde
    GoodRoads, LLC

    Hytops Testimonial

    “ Oxit organizes the project to my standards, operates the project efficiently so we have less headache and communication has been excellent. ”
    Collin Jackson
    Hytops IoT

    iComponent Software Testimonial

    “ Oxit has a solid team with awesome hardware and software engineering talent as well as comprehensive knowledge of AWS services. We would absolutely work with them again on future projects. ”
    Patrick Early
    iComponent Software

    Progressive Innovation​

    Each year, the pace of technological growth speeds up exponentially. Oxit solutions serve our client’s needs today, while monitoring and factoring in future advancements that will potentially have influence on the industry and the human element inevitably affected by all systems.

    Exceptional Quality

    Oxit imbues the entire design and development process with quality control practices that culminate in the best possible results. Every Internet of Things software development project is constructed with clean and current coding standards.

    Focus on Clients

    Every project begins with a complete understanding of the client’s goals, challenges, and customer needs. Oxit identifies pinpoints and creates technological solutions that makes them disappear.


    Oxit is an AWS Partner bringing knowledge credentialed engineers, from both Oxit and AWS, to solve your cloud engineering needs. Oxit leverages AWS to provide solutions from IoT data ingestion, and storage, to creating value with timely notifications and portals. AWS enables a dependable and secure option for cloud connectivity, and is Oxit’s cloud architecture of choice.

    Connecting customers’ devices to the internet and storing the data all while ensuring security, scalability, and flexibility, is the bedrock of how Oxit engineers solutions on AWS.


    Oxit leverages LoRaWAN to create LPWAN solutions where Long Range & Low Power are critical for the solutions.

    LoRaWAN enables cost-effective devices to easily transmit data over ten miles in a rural setting, and over one mile in a dense, urban environment. This incredible range, paired with over 10 years of battery life from a simple coin-cell battery, provides a unique and efficient end solution for your client, no matter the location.

    Oxit is an active LoRa Alliance Member, and has designed 50+ LoRaWAN solutions with nearly 10 years of experience.


    Artificial learning and machine learning (Al/ML) play an important role in creating value for IoT. Great IoT systems are architected to translate data into actionable value. Al/ML can enable that translation through image labeling, anomaly detection, smart notifications, and many more ways. The ultimate goal is to reduce the need for human intervention, by enabling a solution to scale, while offering unparalleled quality.

    The Oxit team carries AWS machine learning specialty certifications and is able to translate your needs into a custom Al/ML solution.


    Our mobile app team leverages years of experience to utilize Apple’s native and cross platform react features to provide the best user experience possible. If you are looking to control a connected device with an iPhone or iPad, we can design and build a native IOS app. If “Hey Siri, do ….” is a required feature, we can help. If you need to consume data from an IoT device, we can build easy to use dashboards. At Oxit, we can help you integrate an iOS app into your IoT solution.

    Josh T. Cox

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from UNC Charlotte, Josh pursued his entrepreneurial goals of continuing work with the IoT services and products industry. His past experience and gained practical knowledge allowed him to launch and grow Oxit to great acclaim.